Company Profile-浙江飞越真空科技有限公司,浙江飞越真空泵
关于公司 About VALUE

VALUE is a professional enterprise engaged in refrigeration tools and equipment,  After 20 years of accumulation, the company has always been in the leading position in the refrigeration field because of its sustained technological innovation ability, social resources integration ability and three core competitiveness of brand channels all over the world.

实力 Strength

VALUE is a national high-tech enterprise, vice chairman unit of China Vacuum Association, member of National Vacuum Technology Standardization Technical Committee, and winner of National Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Award. The company and its founding team have accumulated holdings and shares in more than 20 technology enterprises around the upstream and downstream of the vacuum industry.

创新 Innovate

VALUE always perseveres in innovative work to develop better products. The company invests 15 million R&D funds annually, and has more than 200 patents authorized by China so far.

VALUE Talent, the proportion of highly educated personnel as high as 35%; There are more than 100 domestic senior electrical experts, electronic experts, vacuum technology experts and industrial design experts, who can provide personalized design and service in the time to meet customer needs.

品质 Quality

VALUE product passed the safety certification of CE in Europe, UL in the United States, CSA in Canada, and got the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system of Rhine TV Company in Germany, and established a product failure analysis laboratory, a constant temperature and humidity production workshop, and a product type test center.

VALUE has modern processing and testing equipment such as Japan Mori precision machine horizontal processing center, Japan Osaka vertical processing center, Germany Wenze coordinate measuring instrument and so on, and fully implements ERP data information management and lean production management mode.

全球渠道 Global channels

VALUE products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Nordic Europe, South Korea, Brazil and so on.

VALUE has established Flying Brand Sales Network in more than 108 countries and regions.

VALUE provides products and services to 10 top 500 companies in the world.