Application areas
Pumping speed curve
Structure size chart
Decomposition diagram
  • Refrigeration industry:
    Automatic pumping line of refrigerator, air-condition water dispenser; refrigerant charging machine;helium leak detector; helium recovery system etc.
  • Medical industry:
    Plasma sterilizers, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum mixing etc. Considering there is a large amount of H202 gas and water vapor which will be exhausted into vacuum pump, value designed weak corrosion-resistant  vacuum pump VRD-M series.
  • Analytical instruments:
    Spectrometer, scanning electron microscope, leak  detector, physics & chemistry analytical instrument etc.
  • Power industry:
    SFgas recovery, detecting instrument, oil filter etc.
  • Electronics,semi-conductor industry:
    Vacuum oven, glove box, sapphire furnace, polycrystalline furnace, single crystal furnace, vacuum annealing, hardening furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, heat treatment furnace, evaporation coating, ion plating, sputtering equipment, LC injection, plasma cleaning, roughing pump for roots pump, molecular pump, diffusion pump.