【Back】 VRI Dual Stage Vacuum Pumps (Small)
Smaller, Lighter


Forced oil cycling system makes high reliability of the pump.

- Equipped with solenoid valve for anti-suck back protection.

- Convenient to manage the oil level with big sight glass design.

- lntegrated cylinder structure ensures high ultimate vacuum. 

- Smaller, lighter, and easy to carry.

MODEL                                                                                                                  VRI-1

Displacement speed

m3/h (L/s)

50Hz 1.0 (0.3)
60Hz 1.0 (0.3)
Ultimate partial pressure gas ballast close (Pa) 3.5x10-1
Ultimate total pressure gas ballast close (Pa) 3.5
Ultimate total pressure gas ballast open (Pa) /
Power supply Single Phase
Power rating (kW) 0.15
Intake and exhaust DN (mm) Adapter
Oil capacity (L) 0.1
Motor speed (rpm) 50Hz 2500
60Hz 2500
Ambient temperature (°C) 5-40
Noise level (dB) ≤62
Net Weight (kg) 4