1. To be the global leading company of HVAC/R tools and vacuum solutions.

  - Global market

  - Advanced technology

  - One of Tops

2. To be a platform for employees to achieve their dreams.

Mission: VALUE Creates Value 

1. Create Value for Customers

VALUE is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products, service and system solutions to help customers finish their work with higher efficiency and better quality to achieve success.

2. Create Value for Staff

Staff is the most valuable treasure. VALUE helps the staff to acquire better working skills and abilities as well as personal growth.

3. Create Value for Partners

VALUE is committed to establishing a long-term win-win relationship with the partners by means of building up a fair, just and open platform of cooperation.

4. Create Value for Society

VALUE is intended to save the natural resources, protect the environment and expedite scientific and technological progress as well as social development.